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Jeff's Body Shop doesn't just have new equipment, we have the newest and most advanced equipment.

As a matter of fact, Jeff's Body Shop has so many pieces of advance equipment for auto collision repair in our shop that we hold training seminars for auto repair industry professionals so that they can learn all the pieces of equipment in one place rather than having to drive all around the area to learn one thing at a time.

Here are some of the equipment manufacturers we use to keep us the leading body shop for collision paint and auto repair.


Time and time again Car-O-Liner has made important landmarks collision auto repair. They were the first to introduce a universal repair bench with a mechanical measuring system in 1973, and the first to introduce a computerized electronic measuring system.

Car-O-Liner’s collision repair equipment is the best made, the easiest to learn, the simplest to use, the best backed and the most productive


Through many hours of research and development Garmat engineers have come up with a design that delivers superior airflow, a new “sleek” looking cabin, and the most effective lighting in any booth on the market.

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Kent Island
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Chester, MD 21619
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Certified by: ase certifiedicar gold class

lexus certified collision technicians
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